Breaking Free of “Reality”

Spoken word version

"All great acts of genius begin with the same consideration, do not be constrained by your present reality." - Leonardo da Vinci

My friend,
Do not be constrained by present reality.
For there is so much more going on beneath the surface, in the unconscious and in the subconscious.

There's so much that the I cannot see, that the ear cannot hear.
There is so much that is not known to the human mind.

Have not all visionaries and geniuses been seen to be mad by their contemporaries?
Galileo, Da Vinci, Einstein, Nikola Tesla.

it is only those who go into the unexplored and unknown territories of the human psyche, of human exploration.
Those who push the boundaries of the known and the unknown, it is those who discover, those who find jewels and treasures far beyond the mind far beyond the current society, the current paradigm.

The status quo always seeks to keep itself as the status quo.
The mainstream will always be the mainstream and will always be behind those on the leading edge.
Those who are surfing, the leading edge wave of change, of discovery, and of innovation and creativity.

So, friend, do not be constrained by the present reality.
For the present reality is always limited by the past, by thought, by the mind, by what has come before.

Truly in this moment, all possibilities are open to you.
All futures are exist as a potential.

There is no fixed reality.
Reality is whatever you make of it.
And there is always deeper you can go into experience, into reality.

Those who are constrained by present reality, will do anything to keep themselves from admitting that you may know something they don’t.
That you may have a more expanded experience of reality than they do.

For if they do, they then have to admit that they are wrong.
They have to admit that their whole life, their whole world and all their beliefs are maybe a lie, maybe an illusion.

So you, who by your very being are expressing a far expanded reality, will be a great threat to their comfort and to their safety.

So those who bring in expanded reality are often the most ridiculed, the most hated, and the most feared.
Jesus Christ was one who brought a far expanded reality, and he was seen as the enemy of the state, the enemy of the people.
He was killed for his expanded sense of self, for his expanded vision of what the human being could embody.

My friend, do not be constrained by the present reality.

Reality does not exist is something out there. It does not exist as something fixed, as something unchangeable.
It does not exist is something that you must mold yourself to.
For truly reality comes from within you.

You do not exist within reality, it exists within you.
And the limits of reality are only your limits.
The limits of what you will allow yourself to experience, and to know.

Truly, there are no limits.
Except those that you create

My friend, do not be constrained by the present reality.

In 1,000 years, humanity will look back upon its present reality and view it as so primitive, so childlike, so illusionary, so utterly closed off.

My friend, do not be constrained by present reality,
but charge boldly into the unknown, into the cutting edge, into the manifestation of your dreams and visions.

Terence McKenna once said that “Only psychos and shamans create their own reality.”
And I would add that <em>only madmen and mystics create their own reality.</em>

For it is the mass of people, the 99.99%, who live within the collective agreed upon reality and so live confined within the known, confined within what everyone says<em> is</em> rather than what <em>could be</em>.

It takes a rebellious and powerful imagination to break out and break through the consensus reality, to wake up from the matrix and realize that the matrix only exists because people believe it exists. And that reality can be whatever you say, it is, whatever you create it to be.

So only madmen and mystics create their own reality.
What will you choose to be?
A madman, a man who rejects the current reality, but has no way to create their own reality in a way which harmonious, in a way which is internally consistent.

Or will you be one of the masses who succumbs to the agreed upon reality and becomes a pawn within it?
One who does not discover their Creator nature?

Or will you choose to be a mystic, a shaman?
One who sees the fundamental subjectivity of existence, that reality is malleable, that one need not be confined within the agreed upon consensus reality, although one may live within it, but not of it.
As Jesus said, to live in the world, but not of it.

The true genius is not constrained by their present reality.
They acknowledge the reality of human consciousness, of what human beings have created.
They acknowledge it, they have participated in it, but they have woken up to their own creator nature.
To the truth that this reality is really just a dream.
And that one is free to dream a new dream.

One is free to transform the dream into one of freedom, creativity.
One where they're not bound by the beliefs and the ideas of others.
That one is not a victim to others and one cannot be hurt or harmed against their will.

This is the mystic and the shaman and the seer.
The creator and the artists the poet who breaks out of reality.

People will tell you that you cannot create your own reality or else you will be a madman, the sheep will tell you that you cannot leave the flock.
What they're only saying is, you cannot leave and create your own reality while I'm stuck within it.
So you must stay stuck here with me.

So my friend, break free of reality.
Break free of the need to agree with others.
The need for things to make sense.
Break free of all your beliefs and limitations.
Break free of all things that would bind you,
that would clip your wings and keep you from your freedom and your innate creator-hood.


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