What if...?

What if... this is paradise?
What if... this is your home? (Where you are right now, wherever you are…)
What if… this is the Kingdom of Heaven?
What if... this world and this life is a playground specifically built for your pleasure, growth, well-being, and happiness?

What if... this is perfection? That the imperfection of life is it’s very perfection?
What if... everything you deeply long for and desire is here/now?
What if… everything is as it is, as it must be, as it should be?
What if... everything you ever sought for is already yours, and your birthright?

What if… there is nobody to become, nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing missing or lacking?

What if... you allowed yourself to relax, to rest, to feel this?
What if... you gave yourself permission to let-go of all argument with oneself, with others, and with existence/God?

What if... you are whole now, you are wholeness itself -  even in the midst of feeling broken, lost, or incomplete?
What if... what you most deeply fear is only the flip side of what you most deeply desire?
What if... in the shadows of your being is hidden your gold?

What if… you chose your life to be exactly as it is so that you could grow exactly as you need to grow?
What if... your freedom is your ultimate received gift?

What if... everything is love?
What if… love is the gravity which holds the universes and each atom together?
What if... everything loves you and you secretly love every thing?

What if… your death is the most beautiful experience of your life?
What if… death is a great blessing?
What if… death is the crescendo of the symphony of your life?
What if… death is but the beginning of the next great adventure?

What if... you are the only begotten Son or Daughter of God?
What if… you are God?
What if... you are the consciousness, and the only consciousness, by which God experiences itself? Sees and knows himself?

What if... you are the only One here?
What if… only THIS exists and has ever existed?
What if… all is well, all is unimaginably well… and there is nothing to do other than enjoy yourself?  To celebrate and rejoice?

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The only way there, is to be there