We are in the midst of times of great de-stabilization.
Old structures are crumbling, old ideas and ways of doing things are no longer adequate. 
The earth is shaking as the walls of the Old World crumble into dust.  
It is like an old car that the passengers have ridden as far as it could go, and now it is shaking and coughing as it sputters to a stop.  
We are experiencing intense death throes and birth pangs.  For a long over-due story is closing its final chapter, and a new is struggling to be created.
In times of de-stabilization human beings will react in vastly different ways.
Some will go crazy, and some will go sane.
The increased energies will activate some in a negative way and others in a positive.  
Some will be lost without the old, familiar structures and will seek to hold on to their sinking ship. 
While others will be shaken awake and find that this time of crisis is also a time of opportunity.
Many will try to go backwards to the comfort and security of the past.
Many will be lost and confused as where to go now. 
The few will find their catalyst in these times of de-stabilization and lay the groundwork for a new building.  A totally new structure that is free of the past.
Keep your center in these times of chaos, confusion, and de-stabilization.
It is you brave few who will forge ahead and build a New Earth out of the ashes of the old. 

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