Noah's Ark of Consciousness

Each of us is a Noah who must build an ark within which we ride out the storms.
A Noah's Ark of Consciousness
A starship to carry us through the coming cosmic storms and to the stars beyond.
A buddha-field to shelter the flame of humanity from the storms which threaten to blow it out.

To set man unconditionally free, to create the environment, culture, and society in which this can happen.
To cultivate a New Man and foster the birth of a new consciousness.


The Storms Which Wrack the World

The storms are coming, in fact the storms are already here. These storms are not just rain for 40 days and 40 nights, these storms are constant and ever-present even when it appears sunny and safe. Environmental destruction, floods, earthquakes, storms, wars, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, nuclear explosions.

Humanity is unconsciously on the verge of committing global suicide.

The deluge is here and the waters are upon us.
The waters which will destroy and the waters which will give life.
The waters which will drown and the waters which will cleanse.
Man needs shelter from the storm.

Nature is retaliating from all the abuses man has committed against her. The greed, destructiveness and ignorance of man is causing humanity to destroy itself.
The flood is not sent from god, but from nature itself which seeks to eliminate infections and destroy cancers within itself.  When the sin and hubris of man becomes so great a flood must come to wipe out the disease. Not that some god above sends it, but that man has sent it by his disrespect of life, violence to nature, and blasphemous to the divine.

For the new to come, the old must go
To build, one must first destroy
To be born, one must first die

The coming storms may bring chaos, but it is only out of a breakdown into chaos that a breakthrough may arise.


The Need for an Ark to Weather the Storm

When the storms come there are those who feel the early warning signs and begin preparing. They feel it in their bones that "a hard rains a gonna fall."
This person feels the longing for life to continue through the death and destruction. He or she feels the goodness of life and of the potential of mankind. This person is the gardener which nurtures the seed of life, the seed of the innate goodness of man.

There are those who would scoff at the building of an inner ark, who are ignorant of the severity and seriousness of the storms on the horizon. When the waters come they will drown, they will have no preparation, no practice, no safe refuge from the storm.

When the storms come you build a shelter and when the floods come you build an ark.
Not a physical one, but an inner vessel which can protect your from those forces which would enter in and drown you.

Noah's Ark is an not a real boat but an inner life raft.
It is the place within that you can retreat to even as the world burns, a still and silent dimension which is unconditioned by the limitations and distortions of thought which breeds fear and confusion.


Building Your Inner Ark

How does one build their inner ark?

Your inner lifeline is cultivated through meditation, through building in themselves a dimension of consciousness which is beyond the confines of time and space. Through ridding themselves of the ideas and beliefs of others and discovering ones innate freedom and intelligence.

Unlike Noah you do not have to take 2 of every animal with you for you already contain all of the plants and animals within you, you contain all of humanity within you.  But you must share your Ark with those close to you and take all those aboard who wish to.

Illustration from MiltonÕs ÒParadise LostÓ, Illustration by Gustave Dore titled ÒAll dwellings else flood overwhelmed, and them, with all their pomp, deep under water rolledÓ, NoahÕs Ark, biblical, ships, building, boats, God, flood, Cassel Peter & Galp

Noah's Ark of Consciousness

There is the need for a movement of people who are inwardly healthy and whole. For a critical mass of vital individuals to shift the center of mass of humanity. To divert the ship of humanity away from materialism, greed, hate, fear, anger, destruction, and death - and towards truth, beauty, love, awareness, and meditation.

A network of vitally alive and liberated human beings can lead the way forward. We can create a net of life affirming individuals around the earth who can collectively turn the tide.
To set man unconditionally free, to create the environment, culture, and society in which this can happen.

We must collectively build a spaceship to carry us through - not that we hide away and escape, not that we leave the mass of humanity to drown.
Rather, we remain in the storm yet find the silent center.
Not that we climb into our ship and escape the earth allowing it to burn behind us.
Rather, we make the earth our spaceship, our star seed which withstands the destructive forces and then produces seeds of a New Spring.

We do not retreat from the battle for the liberation of Man. Rather, we remain in the saddle of the storm and ride the winds.

We live as an example of silence within noise,
Stillness within frenetic activity,
Chaos within order.

We spread the good news of the kingdom of heaven which lies in the midst of the apparent hell.


This Noah's Ark of Consciousness is not out there but within. It is discovered right here, right now. It is your awake presence, your silent awareness.
The task is to remain centered in the midst of the cyclone which is the present times and the modern mad world.

We are currently experiencing the death throes of the old consciousness and the birth pangs of something new, and each of us is a Noah who must build a ship with which we will enter within to ride out the storms. It is the Ark of Consciousness that we build within ourselves which will be our safe haven through the coming storms.

After the storms have died and the flood waters have receded Man will awaken to the golden dawn of a New Man and a New Earth.  A white dove will fly forth and we will truly be fruitful and multiply throughout the universes as a benevolent force of love-light.