The Bridge Between Worlds

The Multiverses

We exist not just in a universe, but in a multiverse.
There are many worlds, there are countless worlds, there are infinite worlds.
Each individual lives in their own private world and dreams their own private dream. 
There are as many worlds as there are people.

Worlds Within Worlds

Worlds are infinite in number.
There are worlds within worlds within rain drops
There is the Old World and the New World
The ancient world
The modern world
The future world
The Eastern world and the Western world
"The world"
The world of Imagination 
The worlds of of myth
The mundane world
The world of magic
The world of dreams
The world of matter
The world of spirit

A Bridge Between Worlds

The modern world is a fragmented realm which has no shared meaning, no unifying narrative, no common Mythos.
The polarization of human consciousness is intensifying.
As each person exists in their own personal world.
The task is to create bridges between worlds so that humanity can unite even in it's diversity and differences.
Creating bridges between people of very different cultures, languages, beliefs and disbeliefs.
Finding the connecting threads all the same. 
Finding our binding ties of humanity - of love, compassion, wonder....
Bridging domains that are diametrically opposed and polar opposites.
Domains that speak different languages.
Yet finding the subtle thread which connects them.  Creating a deep inner synthesis in which they can be bridged and unified into a whole.  

Worlds Needing Bridges


Between and Beyond Worlds

The key is to find the places between the worlds.
The places where worlds intersect.
The places outside of time and space.
It is these places beyond space and these times outside of time where new realities are birthed.
The sacred places of immense power and energy, portals to other worlds and the realms of spirit.

The Walker Between the Worlds

The Wizard is a walker between worlds.
He traverses different realities.
He bridges vastly different domains.
He synthesizes many different domains into a unified whole which has the power to transform and elevate.
He is the wanderer in the world who moves among the people creating invisible threads to tie the multiverses together into a total vision and a whole living.